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Our passion for the Labrador Retriever breed is evident in everything we do at Bird Dog Labs! We are very proud of our line up of studs and potential future studs. Please see the bottom of the page for breeding requirements.

~Please note that our exceptional line up of young males will only be available for stud after they are two years old and have proven themselves in the field and obtained their official health clearances at 2 years of age.~


Birddog's Wetland Raider  JH SH MH               "Raider"

~NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade X Molly B Ringo MH (daughter of FC AFC Dare to Dream)~

Raider is now available for stud to approved females!
~Currently located in Bemidji, MN

Raider the total package! He is a handsome male that is extremely talented in the field. He loves to work and can be described as a marking fool.  He earned his Master Hunter titled shortly after turning 3 years old in 2017.  Raider has a confident, happy, loving disposition and lives as part of the family when not in training.  Raider has been professionally trained by Rusty Haglund (Trigger Time Kennels).

Raider's pedigree is truly second to none! His sire is the 2011 National Amateur winner NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade. Raider's dam is Molly B Ringo MH (FC AFC Dare to Dream X MH daughter of AFC Hawkeye Viking).

Raider is one of the most extensively health tested studs out there! We go above and beyond to ensure that our dogs and their offspring have the absolute best chance of being healthy!

Raider is a beautiful fox red male with a thick double coat.

DOB: 4/6/2014
CHIC#: 113252
OFA Eyes - Normal: LR-EYE5798/7M-VPI
OFA Hips - Good: LR-220421G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - Normal: LR-EL72627M24-VPI
OFA Shoulders - Normal: LR-SH344M24-VPI
OFA Cardiac - Normal: LR-CA8481/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid - Normal: LR-TH773/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3132/16M-VPI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1004/16M-VPI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1342/28M-VPI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY321/16M-VPI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY48/16M-VPI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP125/16M-VPI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU18/16M-VPI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR78/16M-VPI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK8/16M-VPI
D Locus (DD Normal/ Clear): LR-DL327/27M-PI
Also tested Clear of :Degenerative Myelopathy, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2-dwarfism), Elliptocytosis, Myotubular myopathy 2 (MTM1), PRA-crd4 and GR-PRA2
Copper Toxicosis: ATP7B Normal (clear), Carries the protective gene (ATP7A)
Genotype: eeBBDD (Does not carry any hidden color, Dilute Free)
Weight: 60-65 pounds

Raider's Pedigree: http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=80503
Raider's OFA page: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1697722#animal
Raider's PPG page: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/3191/


Birddog's Way-Da-Go Yogi SH MH             "Yogi"                            

~FC Nan-dool Elwood Blues X Rebel Ridge Jamaican Me Crazy MH

Now offered at stud to approved females.
Located in Bemidji, Minnesota

Yogi earned his Senior Title at 1.8 years of age!

Yogi earned his Master Title on July 23, 2017 at 2.8 years of age!

Yogi is a very well bred dark chocolate male out of FC Nan-dool Elwood Blues (FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky X FC AFC Echos Triple Ruff N Ready) and Rebel Ridge Jamaican Me Crazy MH (FC AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild X FC AFC Rebel Ridge's Devil's Luck MH).

Yogi is the absolute best at both worlds! He is high drive in the field and loves to work. He was professionally trained by Rusty Haglund (Trigger Time Kennels) and earned his Master Hunter title as a 2 year old!  Yet when it comes to time in the house, Yogi is great at turning off the energy. He is a wonderful companion and so easy to have around the house. He is very affectionate and is always doing whatever he can to earn the "good boy Yogi."

Health Clearances:
AKC: SR85155203
DOB: 9-25-2014
OFA Hips (Good): LR-223086G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL74834M24-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE8529/22M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9447/22M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid: LR-TH821/22M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3134/7M-VPI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1006/7M-VPI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1345/22M-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY324/7M-VPI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY50/7M-VPI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP127/7M-VPI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU20/7M-VPI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR80/7M-VPI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK10/7M-VPI
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL330/22M-PI
Yogi has also tested CLEAR of the following: Degenerative myelopathy, Myotubular myopathy 1,  PRA-cone-rod dystrophy 4, PRA-gr2, Skeletal dysplasia 2
Copper Toxicosis: ATP7B Normal (clear),  ATP7A Normal (clear)
Genotype: EEbbDD (Chocolate and does not carry any hidden color, Dilute Free)
70-75 pounds
Yogi's Pedigree: http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=89428
Yogi's OFA page: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1740373#animal
Yogi's PPG page: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/3186/


Birddog's Power Of The Phoenix SH MH             "Phoenix"

HRCH UH Adonai's Power Thru Ezra MH CGC X  Birddog's Hunting Heidi

Phoenix is a 3rd generation of our foundation line and is from the repeat breeding between Heidi and Ezra. He is everything we hoped he would be and then some! Phoenix truly is the total package! He is completely relaxed in the home. yet all business and high drive in the field.

Master titled at 2.9 years of age!

Now offered at stud to approved females!
Located in Bemidji, Minnesota

Phoenix is the total package!  He is a large, powerful, gorgeous young male that is hard to take your eyes off of. He is simply jaw dropping. Phoenix has a wonderful gentle personality and is so easy going. It is a pure pleasure to have him around the house. When people meet Phoenix, they are always amazed at his size, color and exceptional disposition.  Phoenix was professionally trained by Rusty Haglund (Trigger Time Kennels) and earned his Master Title on 1-21-2018 as a two year old!  During the time when he was in training, Rusty commented multiple times on Phoenix's natural on/off switch. Phoenix is an excellent marker, hard charging dog and all business in the field.

AKC: SR86996311
CHIC#: 121184
DOB: 3-31-2015
OFA Hips (Excellent): LR-226891E25M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL78112M25-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE10238/15M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9450/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid (Normal): LR-TH823/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3480/4M-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1209/4M-PI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1348/16M-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY399/4M-PI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY76/4M-PI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP212/4M-PI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU43/4M-PI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR103/4M-PI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK22/4M-PI
Degenerative myelopathy (Clear)
Myotubular myopathy 1 (Clear)
PRA-cone-rod dystrophy 4 (Clear)
PRA-gr2 (Clear)
Skeletal dysplasia 2 (Clear)
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL333/16M-PI
Copper Toxicosis: ATP7B Normal (clear), Carries the protective gene (ATP7A)
Genotype: eeBBDD (Yellow and does not carry hidden color, Dilute Free)
90-95 pounds

Phoenix's pedigree:http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=94389
Phoenix's OFA page: http://www.ofa.org/display.html?appnum=1797332#animal
Phoenix's PPG page: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/3193/ 

Birddog's Man of Mystery MH   "Mojo"

FC AFC Glenhoma's El Chupacabra X Birddog's Sweet Remembrance

Mojo has one of the most unique pedigrees for a chocolate!

Mojo is the result of literally years of research and planning! He has one of the most unique pedigrees of any chocolate out there today!!!  You simply will not find another like him! His bloodlines are loaded with some of the best field trial dogs in history, yet you will not find any of the common chocolate dogs that are consistently found in working bred Labradors. We have researched well past 10 generations and did not find a single chocolate dog on either side of his pedigree, yet can trace the hidden chocolate factor back through Field Trial Hall of Fame Retrievers: NAFC FC AFC Dude's Double or Nothin' and 1961 & 1963 NFC CNFC AFC Del-Tone Colvin. 

Mojo's Pedigree: http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=114571

Mojo's OFA page: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=1985509

Mojo's PPG page: http://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/15281/


Birddog's TNT Wily Blue Trickster JH                    "Loki"

~FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH X MHR TNT Light Up The Sky MH~

Now available for stud! Located in Bemidji, MN

Loki is a very handsome, dark chocolate male out of the legendary FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH!

Loki was unplanned addition to Bird Dog Labs in 2015. We saw an incredible opportunity and jumped when we had the chance. Loki has matured into an extremely handsome male. He has a very blocky head with a strong yet compact build. He has a great disposition and a silly personality. He is extremely affectionate and loves getting affection. In the field Loki marks well, handles and will get the job done. We are working on him with his consistency and decided to give him a little break from the training atmosphere. We are looking forward to taking him hunting this fall to see how he will do!

AKC: SR87873104
DOB: 4-10-2015
OFA Hips (Good): LR-228146G26M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL79201M26-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE10242/15M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9449/15M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid (Normal): LR-TH822/15M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3479/4M-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1208/4M-PI
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY398/4M-PI
PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA1347/15M-PI
Cystinuria (Clear): LR-CY75/4M-PI
HNPK (Clear): LR-HNP211/4M-PI
Hyperuricosuria (Clear): LR-HU42/4M-PI
Narcolepsy (Clear): LR-NAR102/4M-PI
PKD (Clear): LR-PK21/4M-PI
Degenerative myelopathy (Clear)
Myotubular myopathy 1 (Clear)
PRA-cone-rod dystrophy 4 (Clear)
PRA-gr2 (Clear)
Skeletal dysplasia 2 (Clear)
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL332/15M-PI
Copper Toxicosis: ATP7B Normal (clear), Carries the protective gene (ATP7A)
Genotype: EEbbDD - Chocolate and doesn't carry any other color, Dilute Free
Weight 65-70 pounds

Loki's pedigree: http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=93901
Loki's OFA page: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1797331#animal
Loki's PPG page: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/3195/


Birddog's Crow Rivers Hunter                         "Hunter"

~FC Crow Rivers Lucky to the Max X Birddog's Amazing Grace~

Hunter is now available for stud to approved females.
Located in Bemidji, Minnesota

Hunter is a big, handsome 78 pound yellow male. He is out of our 2014 litter between FC Crow Rivers Lucky to the Max and Birddog's Amazing Grace.

Hunter is a very gentle boy that has one of the best natural "off switches" we've ever seen in such a young dog. He is extremely affectionate and very mild mannered. Hunter absolutely adores the puppies and has become one of our top young puppy socializers. In the field he is a totally different dog. He has a huge desire to work and just doesn't stop! He is extremely smart and catches on to new things very quickly.

AKC: SR83507906
DOB: 7-12-2014
OFA Hips (Good): LR-223048G26M-VPI
OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL74802M26-VPI
OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE10236/21M-VPI
OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA9454/24M/P-VPI
OFA Thyroid (Normal): LR-TH826/24M-VPI
EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3483/10M-PI
CNM (Clear): LR-CNM1212/10M-PI
PRA-pcrd (Carrier): LR-PRA1351/24M-PI-CAR
RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY402/10M-PI
D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL336/21M-PI
Hunter also tested Clear of all of the following genetic diseases: Cystinuria, HNPK, Hyperuricosuria, Narcolepsy, PKD, Degenerative Myelopathy, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2-dwarfism), Elliptocytosis, Myotubular myopathy 2 (MTM1), PRA-crd4 and GR-PRA2.
Copper Toxicosis: ATP7B Normal (clear), ATP7A Normal (clear)
Genotype: eeBbDD (Yellow-carries hidden black and chocolate, Dilute Free)
75-80 pounds

It is important to understand that PRA-pcrd carriers are healthy and never experience symptoms. It is perfectly ethical to breed PRA- carriers, as long as they are only bred with dogs that are tested PRA-clear. When those guidelines are strictly followed there is no chance of producing affected puppies. We are responsible breeders and will take all necessary precautions to never produce an affected puppy. This is a Lifetime Guarantee!

Hunter's pedigree: http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/pedigree.asp?id=83044
Hunter's OFA page: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1827878#animal
Hunter's PPG page: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/3187/ 

Breeding Requirements

-AKC or UKC registration - Copy of pedigree
-OFA Excellent, Good or Fair Hips
-OFA Normal Elbows
-OFA Eyes
-Negative brucellosis within 30 days for natural breeding.
-Prefer if EIC & CNM status is known.
-Prefer if PRA-pcrd and RD/OSD status is known.
-Absolutely NO dilutes, carriers of dilute or breeders of dilutes will be accepted.
~In the event where dilute status is questionable, proof of "DD" genotype will be required before the litter registration is signed.

We love the Labrador breed and only support the ethical breeding for the traditional colors accepted by the Labrador Retriever Club. This includes blacks, yellows ranging from light cream to fox red and chocolates ranging from light to dark. No other colors or variations are acceptable.