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Retired BDL Dogs
This outstanding repeat litter was born October 22nd! Puppies will be ready December 17th.

Gorgeous litter of 8 (5 girls and 3 boys).

These puppies will have it all!

Best for working types of homes (competition, hunting, service work, etc) while also making wonderful family companions.

Sold out pending the arrival of the final deposit.

      Riparian Ghostrider QAA   "Nick"
Birddog's Gone With The Wind   "Scarlett"
Nick's Health Clearances
AKC: SR83437101DOB: June 12, 2014~CHIC number: 115147~OFA Hips (Excellent): LR-221747E24M-VPI   ~OFA Elbows(Normal): LR-EL73751M24-VPI
~OFA Eyes (Normal): LR-EYE9995/24M-VPI 
~OFA Cardiac-ECHO (Normal): LR-ACA1819/65M-VPI
~OFA EIC (Clear): LR-EIC3453/23M-PI~OFA CNM (Clear)LR-CNM1190/23M-PI~OFA PRA-pcrd (Clear)LR-PRA-1633/33M-PI~OFA D Locus (Dilute Free/Clear)LR-DL731/33M-PI~Congenital Myasynthetic Syndrome (CMS) Clear~80 pounds
Scarlett's Health Clearances
AKC: SR94435507
Birthdate: 7-31-2016
~OFA Hips (Good): LR-235827G24F-PI
~OFA Elbows (Normal): LR-EL85787F24-PI~OFA Eyes (Normal):  LR-EYE16297/22F-VPI
~OFA Cardiac (Normal): LR-CA11009/14F/P-VPI
~OFA EIC (Clear): LR-EIC4784/10F-PI~OFA CNM (Clear): LR-CNM2241/10F-PI~OFA PRA-pcrd (Clear): LR-PRA2146/10F-PI~OFA RD/OSD (Clear): LR-RDY761/10F-PI
~OFA D Locus (DD Normal/Clear): LR-DL1257/10F-PI
Genotype: eeBbDD (Yellow- hidden chocolate factor, Dilute Free)
Scarlett has also tested clear of Cystinuria, HNPK, Hyperuricosuria, Narcolepsy, PKD, Degenerative Myelopathy, Skeletal Dysplasia 2 (SD2-dwarfism), Elliptocytosis, Myotubular myopathy 2 (MTM1), PRA-crd4, GR-PRA2, CMS and Copper Toxicity55 to 60 pounds
Nick is a very talented son of the legendary FC AFC Riparian Roughrider. His pedigree is absolutely stacked with phenomenal proven dogs of the past. So needless to say it is not a surprise that Nick is an extremely talented dog himself. He was on the National Derby List and currently working on his FC and AFC titles. Nick already has his Open win as well as Amateur win, 2nd and 2-3rd and jams. He needs 5 points for his FC title and 4.5 points for his AFC title.

Nick is an absolutely gorgeous 80 pound dark fox red male. He has a happy, outgoing personality and is a total sweetheart. He lives in the house when not in training and is the kind of dog that will go out of his way to try and please his owner. When we got to meet him personally, it took but a moment and he was bringing me his rubber football to play with him.
Scarlett is a 4th generation of our foundation line. She is a beautiful fox red female from our 2016 litter between Lucy and FC AFC Snapper. We did not intend to keep Scarlett permanently, but she quickly changed our minds. She has a very happy, outgoing personality that makes her a favorite of many of our visitors. She is a total love bug! Scarlett is also a high drive girl that loves to work. Her desire to retrieve was evident from the start and she has since proven herself to be a natural in the field. Scarlett can flat out mark and makes quick work of her retrieves. She is not the kind that likes to take her time out and back. She is tenacious when it comes to working in thick cover and has a very strong nose. She quarters beautifully and on occasion has demonstrated a tendency to point.